You know it’s Monday from that photo of a young boy holding his head, wrinkles on the young face and tears flowing. It makes little sense. When I was young all days were just the same; unless I had somehow enjoyed too much of the hide and seek game until I completely forgot about my maths homework. It used to make me wear that face. Things have changed. It’s now years since I was there. Days have passed. Years. I am now old. Things have changed.

Anyway, what is the hype that comes with Fridays? You know it’s Friday when you walk into an office at 3:30 PM and the Secretary tells you to call in on Monday morning. Hey madam, the boss is away for weekend, kindly check in on Monday at 10:00 AM. This is what am always told when I go knocking on some government offices on a Friday afternoon. It happened twice, I thought maybe the boss had been away from the previous days, maybe on official duty somewhere outside office. I was wrong, weekend runs between Thursday afternoon and Monday 10:00. Am not sure people think before adopting such a norm. I know they thought it out before eventually setting into practicing it. That they think of the effects of their exaggerated weekends is what worries me the most. At some point I tried but it never worked. Maybe because I am still being bossed around. Just as I was enjoying my extra hours of sleep on a Friday morning I got a call from one of my many bosses. You know what that means.

Just a few years ago I was a student. My memory cannot take me back there, the reason am not sure I used to have Friday classes. But at least I remember Friday used to be one of my most active days. I remember meeting for group discussions on Friday nights, at a friend’s house of course. Then later for some nice dinner done by a male friend (I miss them. Whoever lied that men don’t do good cookery). It was during these Friday meetings that I came to like Larry Madowo and his trend show. I never used to care about it. At least not when I was not sure how he selects his guests. Then I remember when he bought his S 5 or was it S4? He was all over with it. I actually noticed. Then I thought to myself, it’s the Friday hype in him. It also happens with Lilian Muli Kanene. Okay, am just fixing these two into my Friday issues. Am not sure they have fit in well. I could spend the rest of my Friday night hours in doors with that clique of human beings I used to walk around with Shiku Ngigi, James Mwangi, Zephaniah Raduma(I know he will take offense of that name) and Stano. At least these are the people that faithfully kept all my evenings busy. It was amazing. I remember us arguing, disagreeing and going silent. But it never lasted. I also remember the days I spent quality time at evening prayers. Especially the unique days that we went in the company of Mwangi; the worship experience. It still defined my Friday evenings perfectly. Less of this hype am seeing “out” here but more fun.

Campus life was. It is now gone altogether. And here I am, in a world with all characters. An environment presenting to me more choices that I actually need.Not that my past years had no such choices, but at least they were not as good, demanding, compelling and at times determined as what I have at hand today. Especially this Friday evening. So much at hand to choose from. Well, I am number one fun of rugby. Thank me for having attended a mixed secondary school where rugby was the thing. I am torn between catching the next flight to Nairobi for Safaricom Sevens. Heaven knows I want to be there as badly as I want to get my way to Suneka Hide Out for some moment with a people I treasure (Am even not sure this is going to fall in place). Away from my campus clique is a new bunch of human beings who are just amazing. Dougy, Naf, Mc Kenyanch, Alex, Okeri (if you know this guy from MU don’t give me that look. He rocks. In his own little ways.) and Kenmo. You guys are amazing. Lest you are left wondering, I hang out less with girlfriends. I only keep one at a time. She doesn’t do Fridays. She is key in making my Saturdays work. Fanice Kerubo Obara. Thanks for your friendship girl.

And here a text comes from a friend. Mchoro? It got me thinking. I had not made my Friday decision, I may end up not until I get to understand this. I personally see nothing special in Fridays. Maybe that the next day is not a working done, probably only for people who have lost touch with their office seats. Am in love with mine. I sit in it for as long as I want to be there. I wake up on a Saturday night and all I want is that office feeling. This renders this ideology senseless. So what actually is it? I go out when I feel like. Actually my friends will bear me witness Thursday night is our nice Friday. It’s amazing. Yet we make it to wok on Friday still in a sober mood and with all the strength we need to move around. I am not saying that’s all we wake up to do, but the nature of our work makes us move around so much (seems today am set to defend everything).

Truth is I will be somewhere celebrating tonight. You probably will. But was the motivation behind it is may vary. It’s still well. Live life to the fullest. Have less time to worry of the stupid things you do. It happens pretty much. Take time out and be alone. Party as much as you can. Life and good friends can be such a reason. Have a lovely partying Friday evening.


I got this from my Whatsapp images. Am not sure who to photo credit


2 thoughts on “Friday

  1. bonarerimaisiba October 1, 2014 / 11:15 pm

    Thanks shiku. Am ready to face the consequences. Am just living for what is true. lol


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