My 2014 Tragedy

This is not about the things I imagine while idling around. My 2014 was not a year to sit down and idle. It was one of the most serious years of my life, the kind of years I never wanted to get out. A few days into 2015 and it all got spoiled, that I never wanted to live t again. Matters love.

I listen to the Roxette hits. A lot. They seem to have the words that explain the mystery of love. But there is this specific one that I always listen to when I have to mend my heart. Yeah, it has happened a countable number of times. My friends call it “kissing frogs” but I hate the quote.

“It must have been love
But it’s over now
It must have been good
But I lost it somehow
It must have been love
But it’s over now
From the moment we touched
‘Til the time had run out.”

Trust me these are not the kind of words you want to hear barely a day to the new year. A time when love and family things fill the air. A time when most engagements and marriages are going down. A time when most “lovers” probably celebrate their anniversaries, for the kinds who met in some end year parties they had been invited by friends and such funny stories. Mine will always be different.

My foreseen 2014 tragedy happened around this time. I took it bitterly, accepted quickly and moved on. I had to anyway. However, I must say that this one happened in a very weird and rather awkward manner. It never caught me off guard, it was so clear and I had almost gotten over it.

Things do happen. Life has to move on. I actually shared with a friend or two and both thought it was a big joke. I had to make the story as humorous as possible. At some point I laughed at myself. I could say it was bad, but not as bad as it should have been. But there is always light at the end of the tunnel. This I must say. Life got better. Things changed.

“Love doesn’t ask why
It speaks from the heart
And never explains
Don’t you know that
Love doesn’t think twice
It can come all at once
Or whisper from a distance”

In my own little thinking, when it gets to a point where every action comes with a reaction, love is no more.

                                                                                                      love ends


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