Writing is difficult.

Photo Credit/oseh.wordpress.com
Photo Credit/oseh.wordpress.com

Writing is nothing easy. When you get into it you must be prepared to make your own slave. Am not sure that makes sense. Writing is difficult.

So it is three months since I was here last. With all the good plans I had for “bonarerimaisiba” in 2015. She was my number one new year resolution. I needed to customize my domain. Do posts twice a month. Commercialize the whole thing. I went as far as bargaining for the design and domain hosting. God knows what happened. Writing is a hustle. Needs too much dedication.

Maybe I was out there doing other things. Better things. More important things. Priorities. Plain lie! I know I have been busy doing less constructive things than I should have done here. Maybe I could have saved a life that was lost to suicide. Maybe I could have saved a relationship that is now a by-gone case. Maybe I could have saved my own relationships.

I learnt from a friend that the things I write here make sense, at least to the people who care to read them. People make different choices, different meanings from the the same scripts. We were coined differently. We read messages in diversified ways. And make our won interpretations, maybe customized to suit our needs at the moment. Writing gets more complex.

I read so many other blogs. A blogger friend Shiku Ngigi introduced me to an awarding winning blogger’s site that never disappoints. Biko Zulu. These two are my inspirations. I read everything they write, word after another. Biko Zulu does a bit long posts, I must confess. But I always find time to read his posts. Even when I am too busy to pick calls or even respond to text messages. It is that serious. I one day want to be like him. Dedicated and famous. Who doesn’t want to be recognized for what they do anyway?

All said and done. I am back. I needed something to bring me back. Something in record that I actually struggled to get where I will be, in a few (whatever that means). That when I will have beaten Biko and taken the award of creative writer from him I will refer you here. One step at a time. One day at a time. I will be there.

Ps. I write to put food on my table. I write to settle my bills. I write to clothe. I write to earn a living. So when I am not writing here, I am writing elsewhere. Undisclosed.


One thought on “Writing is difficult.

  1. moritzo2000 May 19, 2015 / 9:08 am

    Writing connects people through the eyes. Even though one may never meet his or her readers, the thoughts that flow connects people. I feel what you write, I feel like I am the one who wrote them. I even feel like I have read this before. But alas, I am reading it for the first time. It is simply because I feel I can connect with what you have written.
    Our lives are full of mysteries. Each one of us experience life in a very personal way and when we express the same e.g. in writing, we help create the world. We unite our thoughts and the world rises to another level. Our world is made up of the present moment. But is also made up of the memories tucked safely in the past, and visions scattered in the future.

    When I was a child, and even now, I sometimes imagine I can rest on clouds. They always look like a soft sponge to rest on. On the few occasions I have flown above the skies, I often drift into thoughts…I start to imagine seeing someone walking above the clouds. How best can I explain that feeling? I try it by writing, but I guess it is not enough.
    Writing opens up those hidden spaces within our brains. It brings to the fore reality, the wisdom kept within us. It is based on writings that movies have been created, fashion generated, characters built and order established. It is based on writings that faiths are created and hoped built. It is through writing that innovations come to pass. Writings leadeth the world. Words spoken emanates from writings, and back to writing goeth that which was said.

    Yes, writing stores our thoughts and brains and with time, our brains get implanted into other brains without the need for a surgery. Keep on writing and you never know- wherever it will be read; whichever time it will be- it will touch a heart. It might just be the word that someone picks from your writing that end up making all the difference!


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